Landscape Management

Keeping up on your existing landscape can be time consuming and frustrating. Let us take the work out of maintaining your landscape. From diagnosing plant problems to proper trimming and mulching we can assist you with your maintenance needs.

There are many aspects of the landscape that a homeowner must know to properly care for their landscape. A couple of them include: when to prune, what is causing their plant(s) to show stress, how much mulch to apply, should they be fertilizing, what kind of care does their new young plant require and that is just scratching the surface. The professionals at Schulte Farms Tree & Lawn are ready to help, whether you are ready for us to completely care for your landscape or are just looking for some advice we are just a phone call away!


When and how to properly prune each different type of plant can get confusing. Let us take the hassle out of trying to keep up on proper pruning and maintenance. We are experienced with the plants that grow in this climate zone and are equipped to best care for them. We apply our knowledge and experience to your landscape to maximize the effect of each plant.

Plant Health Assessment

Plants can be expensive and the time to replace them can add up quickly. Playing trial and error with your landscape can be very costly. Don’t know what is causing your plants to decline? Let us take a look and give you are suggestions. Many times there can be multiple factors that cause a plant to take a dip in health. We can often diagnose the problem with just one visit and suggest a course that will get your plant(s) back in shape.


There are plenty of types of mulch out there but we most often recommend a finely processed bark mulch. Mulching keeps your landscape looking clean, it retains moisture for the plant roots, offers a buffer for extreme temperature changes, and keeps mowers/trimmers away from the ever sensitive stems. In like most cases to much of a good thing can be bad and this principal carries over into mulching. Two inches of mulch is plenty and old mulch should be removed before applying new mulch.