Lawn Care

We offer a wide selection of lawn care services. Here at Schulte Farms Tree & Lawn we understand that every lawn is different and needs an individualized program. From taking soil samples to fertilizing to mowing we keep your lawn healthy, lush, and clean cut.

Keep your lawn beautiful with us! Your lawn is often the largest and most time consuming area to take care of on your property. We offer several services to keep your lawn healthy, lush, and clean cut.

Soil Samples

Before any fertilizer program is put in place it is important to know the soil and nutrients you are working with. That’s why the first thing we do is take soil samples of your lawn, so we don’t waste your time and money putting down unnecessary fertilizers. We build an individualized program based on the soil samples from your lawn and then carefully monitor your lawn for the best results.

Lawn Health Assessment

While soil samples will show us the appropriate fertilizer to use there are many factors above ground that can cause stress to your lawn. With our lawn assessment we look for pests, competing weeds, and disease that may be causing issues with your lawn. Then we inform you, the homeowner, of our findings and our suggestions for care. Whether that care is a pesticide, herbicide, or fertilization application we are equipped to offer you the best care.


Keeping your lawn cut regularly and neatly has never been easier with us. Just give us a call and the rest is taken care of. Need us to just cut your lawn while you are out of town? Or are looking for a more reliable service? Give us a call today!


Your already fertilizing your yard let us maximize your efforts. Aerating allows better infiltration of water, oxygen, fertilizer, and pesticides into the root system so you get the most out of your lawn program. Give us a call to see when the best time is to aerate your lawn.